Info for referring physicians

With the hospital search of, you as a referring physician can quickly find a hospital in the patient's vicinity that treats a certain disease or provides treatment.

Enter the postcode or place name of the search region in the Where field on the homepage, and the ICD or OPS code in the What field.

If you do not have the ICD/OPS code at hand, you can also search for the name of the disease/treatment in the What? field and refine the search on the search results page by clicking on the drop-down element "Show the diseases (ICD) and treatments (OPS) included in the search". The ICD/OPS codes listed here are clickable; only hospitals that performed these treatments in the last reporting year of the structured quality reports are then displayed.

By default, hospitals that perform certain treatments only rarely (less than 4 times in the reporting year) are excluded from the results listing. However, you can show them by clicking on "Include case numbers with 1 to 3 cases?", which is particularly useful for rare diseases.

You will find the contact persons of the medical management in the individual departments with telephone number and e-mail address in the presentation of the departments on the hospital pages. Here you can also look up case numbers and focal points of the department on the basis of frequently occurring ICD and OPS.

So that you can quickly and easily pass on to your patient or their relatives the contact details and some important information about a hospital you have suggested, there is a "Hospital portrait for download" at the bottom of the home page of each hospital presentation and as a PDF to print out.